About Us

personal web design services for home-based and small businesses, nonprofit organizations, groups, individuals, and churches.

Creating With You in Mind

With the expanding Internet, having a web presence is a vital part of successful communication and marketing for your organization. Regardless of the economic situation, a website is one of the most cost-effective and widest-reaching advertising tools you can use.

We believe that each of our clients should have a clean, artistic, personalized website that is easy to use and, most importantly, portrays exactly what our client wants it to.

Design is a plan for arranging elements

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

Charles Eames

Meet Our Team

Lisa-Ann Oliver
Co-Founder/Designer/Social Media/Word Press

Lisa-Ann does the creative designing and coordinates with clients on color schemes, layout and graphic elements. She works with WordPress installations, including modifying templates and adding WordPress plug-ins. She coordinates all of the aspects of Social Media for both the company and for clients.

Robert Oliver
Co-Founder/Admin/Content/Website Optimization

Robert coordinates with the client for website content and performs website page optimization, sometimes called SEO. He regularly monitors websites to troubleshoot any problems that may come up and coordinates with Tech Support at various web hosting companies. Robert is the "go-to" person for company operations.


Web Designs by LAO was an idea created by our designer, Lisa-Ann Oliver, expanding from a hobby of hers. With an increasing demand for her work, she decided to go "public" and the rest is history.

Web Designs by LAO is a family-owned business located in Monroe, Washington. We are fully licensed and develop, update, and maintain websites for a wide variety of organizations and individuals.

We generally do not out-source any of our work. If the situation ever occurred where we would need some specialized work completed, we would use only local contractors that would meet our standards.

Need Help?

If you want an update to your existing website, or want a website and are not sure where to start, contact us by email at info@webdesignsbylao.com or by phone at (360) 282-2642. Our personalized service will help you get what you want while helping you stay within your budget.

We Don't Limit You!

Unlike many web design companies, we do not limit the number of changes that can be made to a website while it is being developed. We know that sometimes things get missed, or a new and better idea suddenly springs up, and we understand that. Customers should never be limited to the number of changes they want to make to their website, because they own it.

The Necessary Legal Stuff

Web Designs by LAO reserves the right to refuse to build a website for any customer, at our sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, sites that in our opinion contain offensive, obscene or unethical content. Web Designs will not intentionally use or accept any copyrighted material on any website that we build or work on. For our policies, go to our Policy Page.