Website Maintenance Services

We will maintain your existing or new website and help you keep it current. We promise quick turn-around time.

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Ask anyone that deals with website search engine optimization (SEO) and they'll tell you that your website must remain as current as possible to maximize the number of visitors coming to your website. Although there are many different elements involved in SEO, search engines do take into account the number of times content changes on a website. Why is this important? Search engines tend to rank higher those websites with more frequent changes, (recommended once or twice a month), to the content of the website. The higher the ranking, the better chance of your website showing up on the search listings.

Most people don't have the time or the coding experience to frequently update their website. If a site isn't updated regularly, visitors to your website may see outdated information and jump to the wrong conclusion about your business or subject material. We can do the work on your website to keep it up-to-date.

What We'll Do For You

When you contact us, we will go over the website and the changes you want with you. As with our design services, we offer free consultations for as long as we maintain the website for you. We will keep you posted on all changes by email so you have a record of what they are and when we got the changes done for you.

We currently charge $40.00 an hour for website maintenance. For 501(c)(3) organizations, we charge $36.00 per hour after a 10% discount given. We do not hit you with a minimum charge, and we don't charge for a minimum amount of time. If we complete a contract with you, the hourly rate we quote will remain the same for the life of the contract, even if we raise our rates later. You are free to cancel the maintenance contract at any time - just let us know.

For websites we regularly maintain, we periodically check them for problems. If a website shows problems, we will notify you, get your approval for the fixes, and then correct the problems.

Not only will we keep you posted by email of all changes, when we invoice you at the end of each month, your invoice will show a short description of what we did and when.

We can provide all of the services below as needed or requested.

Brief Description of Services

Complete Website Evaluation

If you want us to review your website for possible changes that might be needed, as a free service, we will look at it from a design and coding perspective. We then send an email to you letting you know what changes we would suggest be made. For instance, if the coding appears to need updating, we will give you an idea how long it may take to upgrade it.

Recode Pages to Eliminate Frames

Frames may cause problems with lower resolutions and with search engines. For example, if you want your website to be viewed through an iPhone, PDA, etc., frames usually will not be the best thing to use on your website. That equipment usually has low-resolution screens and may result in scroll bars showing up where you do not want them. We can recode those pages eliminating the frames and give you better flowing and visually-appealing pages.

Browser Compatibility Problems

We can check your website to insure it is properly operating through all versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. If there are problems, we will look through the coding, track down the cause, and let you know what may need to be fixed.

Verify HTML and CSS Coding

If your website is not showing correctly or parts of it is not functioning like it is supposed to, we can look at the coding to make sure it is standards compliant.

Website Photo Processing

Photos can be swapped out, re-sized and installed onto web pages and the coding added to make sure it is compliant with all browsers. We'll also add the necessary photo/image coding for the visually-impaired.

Content Updates & Changes

If you send content changes to us by email or on any type of media, we can take that information, code it, and upload it onto the pages.

Product Pricing Updates

We can upload product information, product photos, and pricing information on your website shopping cart or product pages.

Website Link Checks

Broken links can cause problems with your search engine indexing as well as frustrate visitors. We will go through and check all of the links, fix the ones that need to be fixed and add any that you would like to have.

Maintenance Services Available

Maintenance Services Available

  • Free phone and email consultations
  • Overall website evaluation and email report
  • Keyword review and additions
  • Recode pages eliminating frames
  • Address browser compatibility problems
  • Verify HTML and CSS coding
  • Photo re-sizing / installation/coding
  • Content updates / changes
  • Products / pricing updates
  • Link checking / corrections / additions
Website maintenance (minor revisions) is not considered the same as website "redesign". While we will do minor revisions as part of our maintenance work for you, we would need to provide you with a quote if you want a major website redesign. It would be more cost-effective for you.