Website Services Pricing

We continually review industry pricing and keep our fees as competitive as possible.

Pricing Information

The price shown does not include domain name registration or web hosting costs. Those costs will depend on who you want to use and the period of time, (number of years), you want to register for. We will help you determine the hosting plans based on your needs with the best cost to you.

If you want to split your payments over a 90-day period, we can arrange that for you. We do not charge interest on payment plans.

For small projects, we will not ask for a payment from you until you approve the initial design of the Home page, the stepping stone for the rest of the site.

For larger projects, we may ask that you provide a deposit up front, particularly if certain applications will be needed for your website. That deposit will be credited to your account on the first invoice.

Website Type Estimated Pages Initial Price
Business Card 1 $150.00
Brochure 3 $300.00
Business/Information 5 $450.00
Basic WordPress Website Per theme installation $450.00
Retail 10 + Small PayPal Cart $750.00
Larger Websites 11+ pages Call us
eCommerce (PayPal only) Unlimited Call Us
  • Pricing shown above is the starting price. It may increase or decrease based on your requirements.
  • As a stand-alone website, WordPress is used as a content management system (CMS).
  • Retail websites includes incorporating PayPal.
  • eCommerce website includes incorporating PayPal, merchant account, your SSL Certificate, and the service gateway for credit card processing, as applicable.

Individual Services Prices
Install a WordPress Blog: Includes the installation and set up of the blog. (If you want it to look like your present website, an additional charge may apply based on the complexity.) $100.00
Basic SEO: Includes review of your website; code checking; suggestions for content changes; search engine registration; web page optimizations, and possible addition of your website to various directories. $350.00
Content Research/Writing: Includes completing research on the subject matter; composing a draft for your review and approval; posting final copy on your website. $50.00 per hour

Please go to our Web Design Services page to see other website services we provide. If you want something done on your website that doesn't show on the list, ask us.

Maintenance Charges

We charge $40.00 per hour for website maintenance. For 501(c)(3) organizations, we charge $36.00 per hour. We do not set a "minimum time" or "minimum charge" when working with our clients.

Online Retail Information Needed

For us to give you a reasonable quote for eCommerce websites, we would like to get the following information: (if the information is not available, that's okay, we'll help!)

  • Names of the menu categories you want to use; (i.e., Home, About Us, etc.)
  • An approximate number of individual products you want to sell online;
  • What you anticipate the sales process will be, (for example, do you just want only an email from the visitor for your orders, or a more automated online process);
  • If web-ready photos of the products are available or if we will need to prepare the photos for inclusion on the website;
  • If product descriptions are readily available on a digital media, (i.e., disk, flash drive, etc.), or if you need our assistance in putting the info together.
  • For a large website (10+ pages) that is not selling products, a general summary of the website and what you would like it to do.

Payment through PayPal

We accept payments by check or by credit card using PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card and there is no cost to you using this service. When you click on the button below, you will be passed to a secure page on PayPal to complete your payment. We thank you in advance!

service pricing

Services Included with New Websites

(no additional cost to you)

  • Website design
  • Help with domain name registration, as needed
  • Help with web hosting registration, as needed
  • Basic website optimization
  • Photo/graphics touch-ups and install
  • Free 30-day post-upload website support
  • Free unlimited consultations
  • Email installation and setup, if needed
  • One hour telephone "back-end" website training

Discount Information

We have some discounts available to various types of organizations. You can see what we offer by clicking here. When you contact us, mention the discount you are interested in.