It’s July. 2015 is more than half way over. But you know what? You still have a whole half a year to increase your website’s traffic with some awesome social media marketing strategies. Here are a few tips based on trends seen this year to make the rest of your social media as far reaching as possible.

  1. Videos: Videos are a great way to mix up the type of content you’re posting on your social media. A new type of content can help engage new and old followers alike. In particular, videos offer a great way to tell your brand’s story, especially with visual mediums becoming more and more popular. Shorter clips are most effective, but according to the PewResearch Internet Project, posts with videos attract three times more follow through clicks than just plaintext posts.
  2. Social Platform Diversity: Sure, you might be on Facebook and Twitter, but is your brand on Instagram? What about Pinterest? With the number of users on all of these platforms growing, it’s important to spread your reach a little, mix up the content, and up your marketing! As a side note, 3M Corporation says that Facebook and Instagram users are the most engaged, with 60% of their users signing in each day (versus Twitter’s 40%). If you don’t want to get spread too thin, consider these two platforms first before extending to others.
  3. Personal Images: No, I’m not talking about posting selfies. Instagram and Pinterest are great ways of sharing images of your company and brand. Share pictures of your products, employees or company events to connect with viewers on a more personal level. The more “sneak peeks” you give them into your company, the more engaged and privileged your consumers will feel, which feeds into building consumer trust.
  4. Paid Posts: If your Facebook posts aren’t getting the traffic they deserve, then consider boosting or sponsoring your posts. Facebook estimates that only 16% of a company’s followers will see their posts in their regular Facebook feed. Sometimes, it really does pay to pay your way into viewers’ attention.

So there’s a short list of some quick tips you can implement to increase your social media marketing effectiveness. What other marketing trends have worked for you so far this year?