The purpose of the ‘About Us’ page is to give visitors a glimpse into you and your business. As with any page, it needs to answer the questions – Who is this?  Why should I care? What do I do next?

A good About page can be difficult to write, but don’t ignore it.  Analytics show that it is one of the most often visited pages on any site.  The About page can help you make connections, which can turn into customers and clients.


Your first step is to spend time figuring out what the goal of your website is, who your target audience is, your business philosophy, what you can offer your clients, and polishing up that 30-second elevator speech.

An “elevator” speech is a precise and persuasive summary to spark interest in what you or your company can offer – without sounding too much like a sales pitch.


While there is no absolute best way to write an About page, compelling About pages have certain elements. Just remember it’s not all about you – it’s an opportunity to tell people what you can do for them!

Write with the prospective customer or client in mind. After all, if you don’t know who your target audience is, how can you tell them what they need to know? Your opening sentence(s) need to show you understand and can help solve their challenges and objectives. This is probably the hardest, and most often overlooked, element.

Write in your own natural voice, the way you speak.  It makes you approachable and human.

Use headlines and bullet points that convey information.  Telling someone how you can help them captures their interest.

The About page is NOT a resume.  Yes, you need to summarize your job history, but you also want to include your professional philosophy, your expertise, your interests.  Let them know who you are, what you believe, what you do and why you do it. Give them the opportunity to see what they may have in common with you.

Make it compelling. Provide examples of what you do and problems you’ve solved for your clients. Add a link to your portfolio, projects or case studies if you can. Include your relevant professional achievements, associations and certifications. This is not an element that calls for modesty!

Tell your story.  Focus on the things that make you human.

Include relevant links to awards you’ve won, your active social media profile, articles or books you’ve written, and anything that shows your expertise.

Incorporate some of your non-work life. If you are a volunteer, a marathoner or a member of your local theater troupe, share it. It adds another dimension to your personality and gives you another opportunity to connect with your viewer.

Include a photo. A good photo can build trust, create an impression and show some of your personality.  People like to know who they’re dealing with. It doesn’t have to be individual photos – team photos can work well.  Anything that helps your visitor visualize your company.

But make sure your photo isn’t terrible. This means no Photoshop cut-out pasted on a solid-color background.  No vacation pictures (unless you’re a travel agency or blogger). Pay attention to lighting and shadows.  Unless you know someone who can take a good photo, seriously consider hiring a professional photographer.

Avoid jargon and meaningless words. It’s just filler that should be edited out.

Include a Call-to-Action. Your About page is an ad for you and your company, so consider what you want people to do after reading it.



Re-read your About page, from the viewpoint of someone from your target audience visiting your site for the first time.  Is there information missing?  Do you appear human?  Are you memorable?  Did you tell them what you and your company can do for THEM?

Have someone – or several someones – whose opinon you value read over your About page and provide feedback.

Lastly, don’t forget to update your About page periodically.  Your life doesn’t stand still, and neither should your About page.