As a web design company, generally we design a website, upload the files, and the customer takes over.  We also, as a precaution, keep copies of all files in 2 places for security and backup purposes. That includes all of the files we generate for our clients and their websites.

As a regular website designer, we also find, quite regularly, that our job description doesn’t stop there. Occassionally we get a call from someone about not being able to access their website or their email coming through the website. Most of the time, it is an easy fix, such as uploading their files again because a file was missing or corrupted, (or was worked on by the customer), or the web host simply had a short downtime on their email server.

Recently, we received such a call about a business website we had just completed. Being concerned we had not uploaded all files, etc., we went through the full file verification process. Once we pinned down the problem, we were initially surprised to find that it wasn’t the website, the web host, or anything of that nature. It was the customer’s computer.

It seems they had not gotten email for about a week. To get them to log onto their web host cpanel, we talked them through the steps on the phone. They got a virus message and was disconnected. Through some gentle and tactful queries, we found they had downloaded an antivirus program and had installed it. The problem was they never ran it nor did they have it active. They are doing it now.

So, while their website was intact, and their email was sitting in the web host email server, they could not access their website not their email from that particular computer due to lack of regular computer maintenance.

So, it is worthy to remember that although you might have a personal computer with all the bells and whistles and all of the antivirus protection available, business computers require the same, if not more, care.  The time has to be taken to run the programs that will protect all of your business records. It will be a lot less time than having to reconstruct your business and customer records.

One last note. Because an antivirus program is downloaded and installed, does not mean it is always running and protecting your computer. Sometimes programs simply do not start up when you turn your computer on for whatever reason. You need to check it periodically and keep it updated. By updating it regularly, you also know it is actually running.