When I’m not busy with school or work or family or friends, I like to read. To be honest, most of what I read nowadays is in a digital format – I have an e-reader, I catch all my news online, I even read short stories from The New Yorker on their website. In particular, I really enjoy reading about technology and the latest and greatest happenings in the field. Since I go to school in Silicon Valley and I’m majoring in a tech field, you could say I have some experience figuring where to get my tech news from. And as fall approaches, with those cool nights that lend themselves to reading by the fireplace (or wrapped in a snuggie in my dorm room), I thought it would be interesting to share all some of my favorite online sources of tech news. This is my personal favorite list; please share where you get your tech news in the comments below! Or if you don’t read up on technology all the time, what are some of your other favorite news sources? I think it’s always interesting to hear about potentially new sources from people who have vetted them first, especially if they’re in subject areas I’m not familiar with!

Online Tech News

  • Gizmodo.com: One of my top two daily checks for the latest tech news. Gizmodo is branded as a design and technology blog, but it has a fair amount of other science and general geek news as well. The posts are short, sweet and to the point, but with enough humor and information to actually get something from them. I follow them on Facebook and often read their posts from my news feed.
  • Engadget.com: The second of my daily tech news sites. Engadget focuses more on actual tech gadgets/electronics than tech news as a whole; this is where I go to read the latest reviews on emerging technologies. Engadget is also multilingual, so there are several international versions of the site as well for foreigners. Engadget is always on top of the latest expos, conferences and tech company reveals. I also follow it on Facebook to get most of their new stories in my news feed.
  • NYTimes.com/pages/technology: You can’t beat the quality of the New York Times when looking for news, and the same holds for news in technology. I especially like reading the “Personal Technology” section, because I’m really interested in how people interact with technology and what the latest trends are on the market (and what that might mean for the future!). You can also find a number of opinion pieces (especially around diversity in the tech field), business technology, and interesting social good applications for tech. I often get a digest of the most popular articles each day with my IFTTT app.
  • PCMag.com, 9to5mac.com: These two sites are my go tos for any news regarding pcs or macs, respectively. PCMag also has more general news, but mostly pertaining to computers in general. 9to5mac is great for you Apple junkies out there, speculating about the latest iPhone, looking for the next best app or searching for a buying guide to your next piece of Apple hardware.
    Wired.com: Also a monthly magazine. I should really visit Wired more often – they have amazing articles about how technology affects us in a variety of channels – our culture, the economy, the government. And it’s not just about the latest hardware – there are pages devoted to design, entertainment, security and science.

So those are some of my top tech sources to scour daily/weekly/monthly. Where do you like to get your news? Share with us in the comments!