Confession: I’m writing this post in the airport. And as I sat here in the terminal brainstorming what to write about, I couldn’t help but think about my upcoming travels and how I was integrating technology into my trip. So while I type this blog post on my phone, which is plugged into a charging station underneath my seat, I can see how much tech has become a part of my travel regimen. And I wonder how other people travel with tech – do you have a list of things that you bring onto the plane to keep you entertained? How about once you reach your destination? Is it just me that brings too much? I’m going to list the tech I’ve brought with me on my trip (I’m going to Disney World with family, for context) and you can comment if you think I’m ridiculous! Or if you agree with the amount of stuff I’ve brought 🙂

Travel tech:

  • iPhone 5S: I go no where without my phone. It’s my camera, my connection to other family members, my music player, and so much more. Pretty standard if you ask me. And since I’m not in charge of the DSLR, I can still snap quality photos without lugging too much.
  • Nook (eReader): I love reading, and planes are great for getting lost in a novel. I have access to my entire ebook library on my Nook, plus a backlit screen for reading on night flights. And it has a few apps too, like sudoku and chess in case I’m extra bored. Carrying a thin eReader in my carry on is much nice than an actual book.
  • Bose Headphones: Ever since I got a pair of noise canceling headphones for Christmas, I can’t travel on planes without them. It is so nice to tune out the sounds of a plane (or even some chatty neighbors), whether while reading or trying to sleep.
  • Nintendo 3DS: I think this piece of tech is specific to my age range, but I really like video games and the 3DS is the perfect portable game player. Mario and Pokemon will definitely keep me engaged on my cross country flight!

Those are my staple tech travel accessories that I generally bring on every flight. I thought about bringing my laptop, but this is an active vacation and I didn’t want to lug it around or let it sit in the hotel room. So that’s what I’m traveling with.  What do you travel with? Has there been one gadget that really impacted your travels? Share in the comments below!